Event Information


Where is the Event?


When is the Event?

February 22nd Noon – Midnight

Yes, we did the math and it's 12 Hours

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Where can I park?



We'd like you to carpool or walk but if you need to park, on-campus parking is FREE all day Saturday. Lots closest to the MAC include:

G-S Grand Structure

Metered Parking on South Perimeter Rd.

2-hour parking in the G-2 lot


I'm not a good dancer, so...

SO?! We firmly believe that bad dancing saves lives!

In addition to dancing, there will be a plethora of activities including games, delicious snacks/meals, crafty activities, competitions, music, entertainment, and more!



Food? Water?

Lunch & Dinner will be provided!(Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free options available)

Limited snacks will be available throughout the event.

Bring a re-fillable water bottle. Water stations will be accessible in the MAC.


Can I come & go when I please?

The magic of our movement lies in committing to being there the full 12 hours. Therefore, for that reason and for safety reasons, once you leave the event you will not be allowed back into the event.

If you are unable to be at the event by Noon, please fill out this Late Attendance Exemption Form


To Bring or not to bring...

☐ Cash, Venmo login, DonorDrive login, credit card, etc.

☐ Comfy socks/shoes (bring multiple pairs - your feet will thank you later)

☐ Extra clothes and underwear

☐ Deodorant

☐ Medications (Advil, Tylenol, etc.)

☐ Phone, phone charger, portable charger

☐ Toothbrush and toothpaste, face wipes or a small towel, hair ties, hair brush

☐ Snacks and gum 

☐ Cal Poly ID

☐ Themed costumes!

☐ Reusable water bottle (filled with water, but we will have hydration stations provided)

*Please do not bring: pets, valuables, sharp objects, dangerous weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc.


How to prepare?

☐ We recommend you don't participate in any vigorous exercise 1-2 days prior

☐ Stay hydrated

☐ Charge your phone

☐ Get plenty of rest the night before

☐ Shower the morning of the event

☐ Avoid coffee or energy drinks the morning of the event

☐ Please remember this is a sober event - we are here in solidarity for the kids

☐ FUNdraise



12pm-2pm: Disney
2pm-4pm: Disco
4pm-6pm: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
6pm-8pm: Jersey
8pm-10pm: Aspen in the 80's
10pm-12am: Mustang Pride


Where can I put my belongings?

We will have a location sectioned off where dancers can put their personal items. Please keep in mind that you will be carrying your things to and from the event, so bring your costumes and necessities. Try to pack so it's easy to travel and keep your things together. 


What do I do at the event?

☐ Don't stop moving!

☐ Find a CPDM Leadership Team member if you have any questions

☐ Participate in the activities we have planned for you!


Did you say FUNdraise?!

Social Media

Put your creative social media skills to the test! Post your DonorDrive link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram! You can create a Facebook fundraiser and include incentives for your friends every time they donate a certain amount.


Email is a great way to reach out to your parents, family friends, relatives, professors, and more!


At the Event

Prepare your friends and supporters for when you will be reaching out to them during event activities, raffles, challenges, and more! Tell them to keep their phones close by because you are going to want to win!