Event Checklist

Before the event:

☐ Don't participate in any vigorous exercise 1-2 days prior

☐ Stay hydrated

☐ Charge your phone

☐ FUNdraise

☐ Get plenty of rest to stay energized throughout the event

☐ Shower the morning of the event

☐ Don't drink coffee or energy drinks the morning of the event

☐ Please remember this is a sober event - we are here in solidarity for the kids


At the event:

☐ Don't stop moving!

☐ Find a CPDM Leadership Team member if you have any questions

☐ Participate in the activities we have planned for you!


What to bring:

☐ Cash, Venmo login, Donordrive login, credit card, etc.

☐ Comfy socks/shoes (bring multiple pairs - your feet will thank you later)

☐ Extra clothes and underwear

☐ Deodorant

☐ Medications (Advil, Tylenol, etc.)

☐ Phone, phone charger, portable charger

☐ Toothbrush and toothpaste, face wipes or a small towel, hair ties, hair brush

☐ Snacks and gum 

☐ Cal Poly ID

☐ Themed costumes!

☐ Reusable water bottle (filled with water, but we will have hydration stations provided)

*Please do not bring: pets, valuables, sharp objects, dangerous weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc.